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Master Post

This is Cynthia from Youtube.
I used to be 'misscynthia17' and then 'Cynth19Production' but both these accounts got suspended.
I have decided that I won't be re-uploading all my videos back on my new chanel.
Instead, I'm posting the download links to all old videos I still have on my external disc so that you can still enjoy them if you want to watch them again.

I'll be asking one thing in return:
I'm really serious about this. I think that since I take the time to upload all the videos on download websites (and believe me it takes very long) then the least you can do is respect my work. If I find any clip re-uploaded, I'll have your video removed.
Thank you for respecting this.

My current youtube channel is :
For glee video, I'll post them on my tumblr blog:
About the free download website I'm using:
it's called Mediafire (and sometimes it will be sendspace).
If ever you have problem downloading a video, please contact me either on youtube or here via personal message.

Master Post


Doctor Who

Queer as Folk
  • Kurt/Blaine - Don't they together in the end?
  • Kurt/Blaine - Even though
  • Kurt/Blaine - I found him
  • Kurt/Blaine - Hymne à L'amour
  • Kurt/Blaine - My heart stops when you look at me
  • Kurt/Blaine - I'm falling even more in love with you
  • Kurt/Blaine - Kiss me
  • Kurt Hummel - You're not alone
  • Kurt/Blaine - Falling in love in a coffee shop
  • Kurt/Blaine - One and only
  • Kurt/Blaine - I desperately need you
  • Kurt/Blaine - Walking down memory lane
  • Kurt/Blaine - Would you lie with me and just forget the world
  • Kurt/Blaine - One Year Tribute
  • Kurt/Blaine - Tribute
  • Kurt/Blaine - The love of my life
  • Quinn/Rachel - Whenever you're ready
  • Quinn/Rachel - She is the sunlight, the sun is gone
  • Blaine Anderson - Character study

Other fandoms/Multifandoms
  • Kurt Hummel - Justin Taylor | Nobody really cared
  • Torchwood : Captain Jack harckness / It was my fault
  • Torchwood : Children of Earth / We say we're not responsible but we are
  • Alice/Hatter - You're all that I have
  • Multifandom Couples - Two is better than one
  • Multifandom - Have yourself a Merry little Christmas
  • Corner of your heart - Brian/Justin; Merlin/Arthur; Jack/Ianto; Sean/Josh
  • The Queer as Folk family watches Merlin | Eye-sex VS The Violins
  • Multifandom / Dealing with death
  • A Very Starkid Merlin Mashup | Merlin/Arthur : Different as can be
  • Multifandom : You can count on me
  • Hamlet : Fanmade trailer
  • Les Choristes - Tribute
  • Lion King : To let go of the rest
  • Alice / Hatter - Love Requiem
  • Mutifandom Mothers - In your arms
  • Multifandom : Rivers flow in you
  • Skins : Cassies / Side - The Letter
  • I've been tagged (1)
  • I've been tagged (2)
  • Doctor Who, Merlin, Torchwood : Tears of an Angel
  • Doctor/Rose; Jack/Ianto : I don't want the world to see me
  • Twilight-New Moon | Bella / They weren't there
  • Twilight-New moon - Bella/Edward : Where are you my angel now?
  • Merlin x Arthur; Kurt x Blaine - The way that gravity pulls on you and me
  • Starship - Trailer
  • Michael's final message to Sarah and Lincoln

A Very Starkid Merlin - Welcome to Camelot

Music: Get back to Hogwarts - A Very Potter Musical by Starkid Production
A/N: Parody, Camelot is Hogwarts and Uther is Albus Dumbledore (quite ironic) 

Music: Different as can be - A Very Potter Musical by The Starkid Production
A/N: Parody, fun video, slash. Merlin is Quirrel and Arthur is Voldemort. 

Brian Kinney - For your entertainment

Music: Adam Lambert - For your entertainment
A/N: Brian Kinney and all his tricks.
Warnings: Adult content and some explicit scenes

Download link

It get's better [Queer as Folk]

Music: It gets better - Todrick Hall
A/N: A video that I had made for Spirit day a few years ago. 

Download link

Merlin / Arthur - 500 Miles (new version)

Music: The Proclaimers - I'm gonna be (500 Miles)
A/N: Fun tribute for Arthur/Merlin and an awful lot of walking. 

Merlin Character tribute - Will I

Music: Will I - The cast of Rent (movie)
A/N: A tribute to Uther, Gaius, Gwen, Morgana and Merlin through the years. 

Kurt / Blaine - Tribute

Music:Giles Lamb - Full dead Island trailer score
A/N: A simple tribute to Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson and their how they built up a relationship together.

Kurt / Blaine - The love of my life

Music: Audrey Strange   Victoria Hamilton - Deo Dona Nobis Pacem 
A/N: Tribute to the relationship between Kurt and Blaine until 3x17 'Dance with somebody'

Blaine Anderson - Character study

Music: Cough Syrup - Darren Criss (glee cover, original by Young the Giants)
A/N: A character study of Blaine Anderson, what was told, shown or just hinted at. Angsty. 
Warning for some triggering images and voiceoevers, gay slurs, gay bashing...



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